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Wild Coconut Wear offers wool interlock diaper covers for cloth diapered newborns, infants and toddlers. Our line of handmade in the USA wool cloth diaper covers includes longies, shorties and soaker covers. Wild Coconut Wear wool interlock pants and shorts are also an eco-friendly, natural and "green" clothing for your active newborn, infant or toddler that are both fun and functional. Our wool interlock soakers are trim fitting while our longies and shorties offer a more relaxed, casual fit. All Wild Coconut Wear wool cloth diaper covers offer the ultimate combination of softness and wetness protection when you want the best cover on the market for your baby.

I am Angela, homeschooling mom to 5 wonderful children. Wild Coconut Wear was born out of my love for cloth diapering with wool, desire to work from home with my children and vision of the perfect wool cloth diaper cover. WCW is 100% family owned and operated. All our covers are sewn by fellow moms working from home, from our families to yours.

At Wild Cococnut Wear, we truly are WILD about wool. Our goal is to bring you the best wool covers on the market. We combine fun and stylish with functionality, fit and comfort for the perfect covers. Only the best for your baby!

My handmade products are available for purchase here and Etsy.